Some great parenting resources

Having just spent my first work free weekend with the kids, I found myself saying If this is what the school holidays are going to be like - please help 

I'm regulary asked by mums at ballet for a great book on parenting or dealing with toddlers.  Wholehearted parenting is a passion of mine but very much a work in progress.

My own upbringing was shame based with a 'do what I say not what I do' philosophy so I'm forever learning, reading, absorbing and sharing with others.

After a weekend where I wasn't working or had to do anything else other than be with my children.  I struggled.  The constant teasing, fighting, tv watching, mess making, selective hearing, use of the word no and whatever  really stressed all of my patience and non reactiing calmness.  When I had a moment (sadly - or smartly depending on which way you roll - paying the kids $5 each to be asleep by 7pm) I remembered again - it's not them but ME.

The following books are what I have loved and what I'll be reading like crazy for the next 3 days until the school holidays start!

I love you Rituals by Becky Bailiey is great to pick up and take great information from and apply straight away.
I still do the I love you rituals that I created when my two were babies and toddlers, mostly they are statements at bedtime and when hanging out on the couch together - and instantly I see my two get the warm fuzzies and melt just a little on the inside.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline
also by Becky Bailey is a lot heavier going. This book reveals new ways of understanding and improving children's behavior, as well as your own.  Our behaviour is mirrored back to us by our children and for this reason alone I'm delving in however confronting it may be.

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman. This book is just like a breath of fresh air, guiding us to teach our children to understand and regulate their emotional world. I've picked it up again whilst finding the books for this blog post and opened it to page that I need most for the upcoming school holidays.

Lastly here is a TED Talk by the fabulous Brene Brown.


What I've discovered so far of being a mum is that I can't expect my children's behaviour to change if I don't change myself first.  The more I work on myself the more ripples of change it sends into the waters of the family and especially the kids.

To the holidays I quote with courage from a great movie

B R I N G   I T   O N


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