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  • We are COVID Safe

    We will be following strict COVID safe procedures as provided by NSW Health. Some of these may have an impact on your child and I suggest you read through the main points below to best prepare your child and/or consider what will be the best class for them.

    Here are the hygiene and social distancing protocols we have adopted. There are a lot!!! Any questions about any of the below please reach out via email or call 02 93880118.

    In Person Classes

    • Classes will begin in person on Monday 20th July. Unless we are told otherwise by the venues we hire.
    • Baby Ballet will be capped at 10 students & 10 parents, complying with the 1.5m social distancing protocol.
    • Rainbow Ballet, Classical Ballet and Lyrical Jazz will be capped at 16 students, and we will be adopting the 'Arrive/Dance/Leave' policy.
    • The ‘Arrive/Dance/Leave’ approach means children are to arrive prepared, changed into ballet clothes if possible, and minimal use of shared facilities. Parents are to drop off child into the hall (or at the door) and leave when instructed to do so by your teacher. And again when collecting your child.
      Parents (not in Baby Ballet) will be required to 'drop and go', no adults are allowed to stay and watch or enter the hall at any time whilst a class or cleaning is in progress. (However, if your child hurts themselves, gets really upset or needs your assistance with going to the bathroom, I will call you on the number provided and you will have to come and collect them from class.)
    • This means that if your child has separation issues, wants you to be with them, needs you to stay for first 5-10 minutes, watch last 5 minutes etc... you will sadly be unable to do so. My suggestion is to enrol them into a Baby Ballet class, which allows you to stay and watch and support all of their needs throughout the session.
    • If your child is unwell, particularly if coughing or sneezing, please DO NOT attend any classes. All make up classes will be online via zoom at set dates throughout the term. Credit or refunds for missed classes for any reason will not be available.
    • Booking online via the Big Steps Little Feet website is ESSENTIAL to ensure you don’t miss out.
    • Drop in casual classes or drop in visitors are not permitted.
    • If there is a class finishing up before your class, please wait until everyone has left the room before entering the hall space.
    • Please use hand sanitiser (provided) when first entering the space and leave your name and contact details in a book provided.
    • Please maintain the 1.5m social distancing at all times. This includes when entering / exiting the studio and when placing/collecting your child's belongings down or using the bathroom.
    • Please bring an INEXPENSIVE water bottle for your child and everything they will need for class (borrowing of ballet shoes for the time being is not allowed).
    • All water bottles, toys and hair items (ie hair elastics, head bands) left behind will be discarded into the bin at the end of each class during the cleaning process.
    • If your child wants to bring items for 'show & tell' please make sure they are not precious toys. My suggestion is to bring something from nature, or a hand drawn picture. An item that can be discarded if forgotten at the end of class.
    • Please be diligent with labelling all items of clothing especially wraps and cardigans that children often remove once warm.
    • We will keep the room lightly heated so its snug and warm through winter.
    • No socialising before or after class (or whilst classes are in progress) immediately outside the premises. We suggest you do all of this in parks or cafe’s adjacent to the halls.
    • No spectators are allowed. Non essential adults, including parents are excluded from watching the lessons.

    There will be no parent viewing at the end of each term and all new students on a trial will have to take the class without a parent watching them (unless it's a Baby Ballet class of course.)

    Zooming Lives On

    • All missed classes - from here on in - due to illness, holidays or for any other reason will be made up via Zoom. These make up classes will be scheduled throughout the term on a set date and time. If you are unable to make the zoom class, it will be recorded and kept available for two weeks allowing your child to watch and participate in their own time.
    • Credit or refunds for missed classes will not be available for any reason. All make up classes will occur over zoom.
    • Parents will be unable to chat with the teacher in between classes, please send an email, organise a phone or zoom meeting if you want to discuss any aspect of your child’s participation in class.

      Thank you for your understanding in observing these guidelines to help everything run as smoothly and safely as possible, a complete COVID Safe plan is available on our website, reading this document, along with the Term & Conditions will be a requirement of enrolment.


    Also to note..

    There are no credit or refunds for any classes not attended in Term 1 due to Caronavirus restrictions, illness or holidays or for any other reason. 

    All Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers already sent through but not used will be available as credit on your account. Please submit your vouchers for Term 3 via the links on this page. Any child aged 4.5 and older starting school next year can receive the $100 vouchers. Details on this page.

  • Our Response to Caronavirus

    Coronavirus is certainly making life interesting at the moment.

    This notification is to let you know what Big Steps Little Feet is doing, and thinking about, to keep our community of students, families and teachers as safe as possible. We are conducting additional cleaning within the venues we use e.g., regularly wiping down surfaces and doing additional cleaning of toilets and bathrooms. Our teachers will also be extra vigilant about common sense practises such as regularly washing hands, using hand sanitiser and good personal hygiene. Over these next important months we urge our families to do the same.

    So when you come to our classes, we ask you keep the following points in mind:
    - Please wash your hands and / or use hand sanitiser upon arrival. We will have hand sanitiser on offer as best as supply will allow. As we know hand sanitiser is like liquid gold right now, but we have a couple of bottles to get us going and should have some more this week.
    - Be extra attentive in ensuring your children do not share food or water bottles.
    - If you and/or your children are unwell, particularly if you are sneezing or coughing, please rest up and return to our classes once you are well.
    - Follow all of the government guidelines when it comes to travel, large events and hygiene.

    Also note that we are regularly monitoring the NSW Health site for updates and recommendations and will respond accordingly. At this point in time all our classes are still on and will continue until there is a complete locked down. We may limit the number of people coming to parent viewing in the last week of term.

    Lastly, know that we will be mindful of our words and our discussions about the virus in front of the children.
    We (us teachers) will not be sharing or projecting our fears, feelings, anxieties or non-shallontness onto the children. We will show compassion to all families and not judge anyone for how they react, we will listen with the ears of our heart to any words the children may share about their own experience of what is currently going on in the world.

    Our classes are a joyful and much loved weekly experience for all of the children we teach, and we will ensure that it remains this way.

    With Gratitude and Kindness,

    Kate Barber

    PS: If in the future we are forced to close down our classes and isolate we will not be offering refunds or credits. We will however be offerring makeup classes later in the year and we are working on ways to deliver classes remotely, and we're creating class packs that include props, plans and ballet stories to allow your children to keep dancing at home.
    As a small business with casual staff it is paramount that we support them financially if we do go into lock down, otherwise there may not be any staff or classes to come back to when the isolation and/or pandemic comes to an end.

  • Spotlight on Kate Barber

    Birthday… 22nd December. Definitely the worst date for a birthday!

    My favourite Big Steps Little Feet concert is… 2014 – The Scarecrow’s Wedding. I was in awe of what we created. It was the first time I was able to create the ultimate immersive experience for the children on stage. This was the result of my vision matched with an amazing Balmain family who took my ideas and created a stunning hand-crafted set and production design, matched beautifully with costumes from local fashion brand tutudumonde

    When a child attends my class I hope they… discover new skills, develop creatively and are inspired - falling involve with dance and beautiful things whilst having fun and making friends.

    The most rewarding thing about working with children is... their ideas, stories, creative contributions, energy, skill and free dancing! Also – seeing happy parents (put their phones aside and) connect and bond and often dancing with their children. I’ve learnt so much as a mum from witnessing these parents.

    My greatest success so far is... the accumulation of lots of little successes - my business, my creativity and my happy children.

    Every year, I always... set new year’s resolutions that are super easy to achieve.

    My tertiary/teaching qualifications are… BA (Dance) UWS graduated 1995 and RAD Registered Teacher (Distinction). Certified in Brain Compatible Dance Education from the Creative Dance Center in Seattle.

    Formal teaching experience…27 years

    Everything changed when I realised...I became curious about how I could make dance for kids totally different to what was currently on offer - at the time I owned a business that modelled every other business that taught dance in a manner that did NOT meet the needs of children.

    As a child I was...playing dress ups with my cat as the baby in the pram.

    The best advice I ever received was... foster in self  ‘a strong back, soft front and wild heart’

    My favourite place in the world is...the west coast of the Isle of Harris (one of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland)

    My favourite style of dance is… modern dance because it's boundless. (not faux contemporary or beautifully trained dancers showing the audience how amazing they are are) I love pedestrian dance.

    At the moment, I’m reading... Circe by Madeline Miller, it’s great. A recommendation from dear friend and Big Steps Little Feet teacher, Elizabeth Ryan

    Something I can’t do, but I wish I could is... sing - I'm completely tone deaf.Five minutes ago I was... contemplating the amount of housework that needs to be done whilst catching up on admin and planning the 2019 concert. Costume orders are stressful!

    Five minutes from now I will be... cleaning the house, washing clothes, folding laundry and preparing for the school term ahead.

    Five years from now I want to be... (oh my gosh I will be 50 – that’s crazy) I hope I’m living to my fullest, making beautiful dance experiences for children and inspiring other teachers to let go of their old patterns of teaching dance to young children in exchange for whole hearted, connected, imaginative, creative, genuine, honest, appropriate, relevant, flexible, organised and fun teaching methods.

  • Spotlight on .... Emma Harrison

    Emma Harrison - Big Steps Little Feet

    Introducing one of our most happy, bubbly and energetic head teachers

  • We're launching in Summer Hill

    After 15 fabulous years in Bondi and Balmain we are now expanding to Summer Hill.

    We are excited to announce that we'll be starting our Baby Ballet and Rainbow Ballet dance classes for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarten children in Summer Hill, Innerwest of Sydney next week. Former dancer, Big Steps Little Feet head teacher and now mum of two boys, Elizabeth Ryan is going to lead the magic, taking our classes on Mondays in the Summer Hill Church Hall.

    We're launching with two trial classes this term April 1 and April 8 - we will have little treat bags for all the dancers and parents can watch or join in!

    >>>Click here to find out more<<<
    >> Click here to register <<

    To help launch Big Steps Little Feet in Summer Hill we would really love your support. Please share this post with friends who may be interested.

    Exciting times ahead,

    Kate x

    Here are the basic details

    Where: Summer Hill Church Hall, 2 Henson St

    When: Monday 1st April and 8th April, 2019
    9.15am: 3yrs Rainbow Ballet
    10.15am: 2yrs Baby Ballet (with active parent)
    11.15am: 4yrs Rainbow Ballet
    3.30pm: 3-5yrs Rainbow Ballet
    4.20pm: 5-6yrs Rainbow Ballet

    Duration: Each class is 45 minutes  

    Price: $25 for 1 class or $45 for 2 classes  

    Parking: Plentiful in the IGA carpark and limited street spaces

    What to wear: Comfy dance wear, eg: soft tutu, leotard & skirt, t-shirt & leggings; bare feet or ballet shoes & bring water.

  • Beginnings - Part Two

    Dreaming of Darcy

    "Georgina proceeded to do the most beautiful, heart-felt and skillful free dancing I had ever seen. Her expression, joy and immersion within the music and movement stopped time. She was mesmerising. I did not want her to stop."

    Following on from my last post ...

    That evening, covered in glitter and having just put my own overtired little people to bed, I couldn’t wait to chat with Georgina’s mum on the phone – to share what I had just experienced, and to find out more.

    As it turned out, Georgina was obsessed with Darcey Bussell and, while most other two-year-olds were viewing Peppa Pig on high rotation, she would be glued to the screen watching the Royal Ballet perform Coppélia, Ondine, Giselle and The Nutcracker. She knew the story line of every ballet inside and out.

    If one were to play ‘peeping tom’ on any given evening, peering into the window of Georgina’s family home in the inner city, you would find her mum playing the piano whilst Georgina danced as Clara from The Nutcracker, and her dad having no choice but to join in and dance with her as the prince.

    What an idyllic childhood. I can only imagine how much fun this must be for Georgina. It could be a scene from an old-fashioned Disney movie I would eagerly await to watch every Sunday evening as a child in the dusty farm belt of rural New South Wales.

    This image of Georgina reminds me of Disney’s Tinker Bell flying down to set the star on top of the castle alight with a flourish of glittering stars that sprayed across the screen of our Rank Arena TV.

    Georgina’s story is not an isolated one. Many parents have spoken with me about similar scenarios over the past 24 years as I’ve worked with their children. During this time, I have come to understand that parents want their children to develop stable character traits and values, and a vitality and expression that are authentic to them. They see creativity as essential to the wellbeing of their children, and they believe that movement and dance is the real superfood of our culture.

    These parents, I have found, establish healthy boundaries and hold space for their dear children to just be. And what makes them happy and proud, above all else, is switching off from life’s demands and connecting, bonding and engaging with their children.

    Kate x

    Photo Credits: Camillie Nuttall Photography 


  • Beginnings - Part One

    On the stage

    It was almost 7pm when I slumped to the floor at the centre of the stage. Even though I had been here many times before, it still took a while to regain the courage to trust the process I had brought upon myself – and the 450 young children in my care.

    Bondi Junction, Sydney, December, concert season. Everywhere I turned on this incredibly hot and humid summer evening I saw overtired dancers melting under the heat of stage lighting. The scheduled hour-long rehearsal was running overtime and communicating with the technical staff was akin to performing great feats of interpretive dance. Sore and weary teachers darted back and forth from stage right to stage left, to stage right to stage left again, with bags of sticky fragrant pineapple sweets in hand, in an attempt to catch and encourage the four-year-olds to wait it out just a little longer…

    The music was getting louder, the stage manager was shouting to be heard over the chaos and I found myself in a daze, drifting in and out of what felt like a movie scene in slow-motion – a frightening horror film, complete with surround sound at very high volume.

    “I am mad,” I said to myself. “I am bonkers. What on earth am I doing?”

    The reality of concert season was hitting me hard. I had rocks in my head for trying to pull this off, for trying to work with so many small children. I was seriously questioning whether it was worth the incredible effort involved.

    And then my eyes focused on a little hand, still with dimples for knuckles, nestled in the soft mauve net of the smallest of tutus – the kind only a loving grandmother could find.

    The dimpled hand moved to pull at the two thin, pink, noodle-like elastics on the top of her ballet shoe – the ones that, despite all our best efforts, never stay tied in a bow for longer than a minute.

    As I regained a little more focus, I saw many little fingers pulling at elastics on ballet shoes, and just as many tickling neighbouring friends – for I was sitting among a gathering of lilac fairies aged two years old.

    “If I just remain calm and unfazed, we’ll get through it,” I thought, “but how is that even possible?”

    But then the lyrical strings of 12 Dancing Princesses by composer Arnie Roth started to fill the theatre. The most-played track in my iTunes library, the music instantly cast its predictable magic and two dimpled hands swiftly pushed their owner’s tutu-wrapped body into the air in one swift burst. And in the flash it took for her to reach centre stage, the other sweaty children waiting in the wings had gone quiet.
    “I am going to be Darcey Bussell,” announced the lilac fairy with dimples for knuckles, which I now recognised as Georgina from my Thursday-afternoon Baby Ballet class.

    This little two-year-old was as an intriguing soul. She would often hang back a little in class, just watching, before quietly going about, interpreting each of my dance activities in her own way. And she had never said a word to me all year. But now, amidst the broiling chaos and bubbling frustration, Georgina was announcing her desire to become prima English ballerina Darcey Bussell. “What child even knows of Darcey Bussell?” I thought.

    My weariness and fears melted away in the pleasure of seeing this little one dance. Georgina proceeded to do the most beautiful, heart-felt and skillful free dancing I had ever seen. Her expression, joy and immersion within the music and movement stopped time. She was mesmerising. I did not want her to stop.

    In this rare moment, as the goose bumps spread and the tears welled, I realised how privileged I was to have the power to make children happy – to architect experiences that whisked them off into a parallel universe through dance. It is my quest to be of service this way – to hold the space and make this magic happen, regardless of cost, time and effort.

    Kate x

    Photography Credit: Camille Nuttal Photography

    Read More - Part Two


  • Free Live Workshop for Dance Teachers

    Would you like to create wildly popular ballet classes for preschoolers to fill up your studio?

    This hour to hour and half live workshop is going to inspire you to take action whilst also being educational and insightful. And if you’ve been teaching little ones but haven’t quite managed to hold their attention for the duration of the lesson or you’ve struggled to seamlessly balance the learning of skills and creative free dance. Well guess what? I'm going to show you some great strategies to overcome those challenges allowing you to totally shine and nail this business of baby ballet.

    When you craft classes that speak the children’s language, it pulls their focus and challenges their creativity whilst nurturing their skill acquisition. Leaving you with happy children and proud mums who rave about you.

    In my FREE live workshop webinar I’m sharing a program creation blueprint to help you create and deliver your own bespoke program in less that 8 days.

    Click here to grab your spot.

    You can have the best systems, processes and marketing campaigns but if your class content is ‘average’ or below par you’re not going to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

    Grab your spot here :)

    Can't wait to see you on the webinar x

  • Free Live Workshop for Preschool Dance Teachers

    Would you like to create wildly popular ballet classes for preschoolers to fill up your studio?

    This hour to hour and half live workshop is going to inspire you to take action whilst also being educational and insightful. And if you’ve been teaching little ones but haven’t quite managed to hold their attention for the duration of the lesson or you’ve struggled to seamlessly balance the learning of skills and creative free dance. Well guess what? I'm going to show you some great strategies to overcome those challenges allowing you to totally shine and nail this business of baby ballet.

    When you craft classes that speak the children’s language, it pulls their focus and challenges their creativity whilst nurturing their skill acquisition. Leaving you with happy children and proud mums who rave about you.

    In my FREE live workshop webinar I’m sharing a program creation blueprint to help you create and deliver your own bespoke program in less that 8 days.

    Click here to grab your spot.

    You can have the best systems, processes and marketing campaigns but if your class content is ‘average’ or below par you’re not going to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

    Grab your spot here :)

    Can't wait to see you on the webinar x

  • Help, Hope, and Somebody to Believe in Them

  • Life's Party

  • Don't Realise the Opportunity to Form Life-Long Bonds

  • Life, Love, and Laughter

  • Over Schedule Children with Lots of Activities

  • At the Height of Laughter

  • Opt Out of the End-of-Year Concert

  • Shining the Spotlight on Lotte

  • Have Chosen the Wrong School

    Mistake #4 - Have Chosen the Wrong School

  • Comparing Your Child to Others

    Mistake #3

    Parents comparing their child to other children in the class

  • Children Dancing to Music

    Children Dancing to Music


  • Not Scheduling a Trial Class Before Signing Up

    Mistake #2

    Not booking in for a trial before committing for the term

  • Shining the spotlight on Amy


  • Learning from our children



    What we can learn from our children

  • Perceive creative free dance as void of ‘real learning’

    Mistake #1

    Parents perceive creative free dance as void of ‘real learning’

  • Start on the right foot




    The seven most common mistakes loving Mum's make when enrolling into preschool ballet

    • Do you want to develop and foster your child’s unique skill or delight in dance?
    • Do you want your child to learn ballet in fun and engaging ways?
    • Do you simply want to know if your child is cut out for ballet?
    • Do you find the market really confusing, the number of studios overwhelming and how do you know what will be best for your child?

      In truth, all children can dance. Dance being a wonderfully creative solo and group activity, is also great for brain development and self expression. But, not many parents know which dance school is the best for their child, simply because they do not know what criteria to judge by.

      As a parent and dance professional, I understand the dilemma of parents and have revealed seven of the most common mistakes loving adults make when enrolling their child into pre school ballet. They can mean the difference between a child that grows in confidence and one that is never quite heard or noticed, the child that this isn’t afraid to try new skills and the child that misses out, afraid of making a mistake or the child that develops their imagination to share with others and the child that is unable to communicate authentically.

      Bear these mistakes in mind when choosing a toddler or preschool ballet class and you will be well on the way to having a happy and confident dancing child.

      Click here to download the FREE 7 Mistakes ebook
  • Dancer in the spotlight


    "I’ve seen my daughter flourish 
as a fit, healthy, graceful and confident young girl."

  • We make children happy. Is your child next?

    preschool ballet toddler dance class sydney eastern suburbs bondi balmain inner west

    Sophie is now confident to express and create

  • Spotlight on ... Dymphna Carew

    Our much loved head teacher - Dymphna Carew - returns from Paris

  • How to foster a life long love of dance, injury free

    Classical ballet just as tough as mainstream contact sports as injury prevention requires training at elite level

  • Why all the injuries in elite ballet students?

    Ballet dancer

    Recent study on why elite teenage ballet students are highly prone to injury and what can we do about it.

    A recent article in the 'Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport' titled Injuries in pre-professional ballet dancers: Incidence, characteristics and consequences suggests that elite, pre professional ballet students age 15 - 19 years are at a higher risk of injury than than other elite athletes of a similar age.

    On average they are each getting 1.49 injuries and have a 76% increase in injury over a one year period.
    The ankle was the most commonly injured body part and overuse injuries (as oppposed to accute) were they main type of injury.


    I would say that the cases are many and include but are not limited to the following:

    1. The high level of training, the repetitive nature of the work and hours involved in class, rehearsals and performance.
    2. Ballet in general is becoming a lot more athletic and acrobatic.
    3. The lack of resources (mostly time) to provide a wide variety of alternative, compatible conditioning training.
    4. A pre professional student is prone to ignoring a minor injury or niggle and will often hold off on seeing a physical therapist of some form until the injury is rather serious.
    5. Peer to peer competition and staged competitions where the dancers try to out do each other with the latest trick or flick, to impress upon others to receive awards, scholarships or secure one of the few places available in a company.
    6. The students may be carrying a minor tear or have a bad habit developed prior to entry into the elite dance training facility and the workload and competition has caused a bad injury to develop.

    The injuries identified in the article that took the longest to heal were bony injuries:

    1. Stress Fractures of the foot - due to pointe work and weight bearing work load.
    When a dancer does a lot of jumping (petit allegro and grand allegro) on her hyper-mobile and flexible feet, which are not the best of shock absorbers, this causes the bones and tendons to take the impact of the jump and over time stress fractures will result.


    • From a young age strengthen and articulate the muscles of the feet and calf muscles in fun and novels ways.
    • Wait until the dancer has reached puberty before commencing pointe work.

    2. Knee Injuries - due to forcing external rotation from the feet rather the hips.
    When a dancer constantly works to try and increase her turnout by pushing the toes backwards rather than using the external rotators at the top of the leg and hip, the alignment of the knee moves forward whilst the toes push backwards and the arch of the foot collapses forward.
    The alignment of the knee should be directly over the centre of the foot when bending especially on one leg in a fondu. If the dancer is unable to maintain this alignment especially on one leg or landing from a jump this causes medial strain on the knee and over time a tear or debilitating injury.


    • Let go of always have to work in turned out positions.
    • From a young age and increasing in frequency as the child gets older work on strengthening the external rotators of the leg in non weight bearing conditioning sessions.
    • From a young age through to 12 years and beyond spend a lot of time working in parallel, especially when landing from jumps in the allegro section of the class.

    At Big Steps Little Feet we work a lot in parallel, from learning to plie as a 2 year old to learning how to land big jumps as 9 or 10 year old. What I believe is the most important is understanding the action, feeling and mechanics of the skill being learnt and how to perform it with artistry. I believe this is best learnt in the parallel alignment with knees over toes when bending. I call this ‘beta mode’ a super safe way to get the skill right before exposing the body, muscles, tendons and ligaments to the more stressful external rotation alignments.

    Kate x

    Source: Injuries in pre-professional ballet dancers: Incidence, characteristics and consequences
    Christina L. Ekegren, Rachele Quested, Anna Brodrick 
    Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport - May 2014 (Vol. 17, Issue 3, Pages 271-275, DOI:10.1016/j.jsams.2013.07.013)


  • Inspired ballet fashion

    This winter we have seen the most delighful range of ballet fashion in our classes, lots of muted pinks and yellows mixed with flouro spotted tights. Delightful

  • The gifts of imperfect parenting

    The inspiring Brene Brown has produced a CD that resonates so loud a clear to me. Being an imperfect parent is a gift.  

    How great is that - I'm all ears!

  • Bed linen with ballet motif's did it for me at Pottery Barn Kids

    I couldn't resist popping in to look at the new Pottery Barn Kids in Bondi Junction opposite Westfields

  • At long last, a dream achieved........... but I hated it

    For a very long time I dreamt of making tutu's and elaborate costumes. I have fond memories making doll costumes using my Holly Hobby sewing machine

  • Rainbow of Love

    Today is the last day of summer.

    Reflecting back on the holidays my heart melts like warm sunshine at the recent memories of such a great time with my children.

  • The lunch box that transformed our mornings

    So this is what makes me happy these days - sad but true - I'm sharing the lunch box that changed everything


  • Some great parenting resources

    Having just spent my first work free weekend with the kids, I found myself saying If this is what the school holidays are going to be like - please help 

  • Homemade Lemonade

    The best recipe to celebrate summer and a great pocket money earner for the kids lemonade stall

  • Tim Tam Pops

    As promised we are sharing these tasty delights - they are guaranteed to be a hit at your next birthday or school fete.

  • we have pressed refresh

    what a remarkable feat

    The refreshed Big Steps Little Feet brand is complete. A shiny new, clean image and website is here. We have finally achieved a task that is aesthetic and functional.