Kate Barber Big Steps Little Feet Leading the way in creative ballet and dance for toddlers, preschoolers and children

A personal note from creative director,
kate barber 

I use dance to create happy kids, in turn creating happy families.

Through my business Big Steps Little Feet, I take on the role of experience architect, I create one-of-a-kind classes and events, I share my love of storytelling and dance and I form and foster meaningful connections with those around me.
I most enjoy working with parents who value their relationships with their children above all else.

I am a former contemporary dancer with 22 years teaching experience where over 5000 happy children have grown in confidence from my methodology, Confident for Life. I mentor dance teachers and have assisted many former staff members to create and grow their own successful dance businesses. I am the author of Jump Forward Jump Back - a guide for preschool dance teachers - and the soon to be published book for parents called Happy Kids Dance.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, I’m an RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) registered teacher and have studied in the USA with Anne Green Gilbert - the leader in brain compatible creative dance education.

Before launching Big Steps Little Feet in 2004 and having my own two children, I ran a large conventional ballet school in Coffs Harbour where I learnt by trial and error, many mistakes and a few successes how to operate as a creative business owner. I also realised that the youngest members of the school who brought me great delight were generally overlooked when it came to considered class planning and teacher attention. So I set out to transform the industry.

One of my gifts is helping children to become more confident and imaginative in their everyday lives. I show them how to tap into their DNA of creativity and become skilled technicians of dance so that they can fall in love with the performing arts and culture, but more importantly, go on to make the difference they're destined to make.

I make sure that each child is heard and validated, that their unique contributions, skills and personality are witnessed and that they leave class feeling worthy of love and belonging.

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