Our Response to Caronavirus

Coronavirus is certainly making life interesting at the moment.

This notification is to let you know what Big Steps Little Feet is doing, and thinking about, to keep our community of students, families and teachers as safe as possible. We are conducting additional cleaning within the venues we use e.g., regularly wiping down surfaces and doing additional cleaning of toilets and bathrooms. Our teachers will also be extra vigilant about common sense practises such as regularly washing hands, using hand sanitiser and good personal hygiene. Over these next important months we urge our families to do the same.

So when you come to our classes, we ask you keep the following points in mind:
- Please wash your hands and / or use hand sanitiser upon arrival. We will have hand sanitiser on offer as best as supply will allow. As we know hand sanitiser is like liquid gold right now, but we have a couple of bottles to get us going and should have some more this week.
- Be extra attentive in ensuring your children do not share food or water bottles.
- If you and/or your children are unwell, particularly if you are sneezing or coughing, please rest up and return to our classes once you are well.
- Follow all of the government guidelines when it comes to travel, large events and hygiene.

Also note that we are regularly monitoring the NSW Health site for updates and recommendations and will respond accordingly. At this point in time all our classes are still on and will continue until there is a complete locked down. We may limit the number of people coming to parent viewing in the last week of term.

Lastly, know that we will be mindful of our words and our discussions about the virus in front of the children.
We (us teachers) will not be sharing or projecting our fears, feelings, anxieties or non-shallontness onto the children. We will show compassion to all families and not judge anyone for how they react, we will listen with the ears of our heart to any words the children may share about their own experience of what is currently going on in the world.

Our classes are a joyful and much loved weekly experience for all of the children we teach, and we will ensure that it remains this way.

With Gratitude and Kindness,

Kate Barber

PS: If in the future we are forced to close down our classes and isolate we will not be offering refunds or credits. We will however be offerring makeup classes later in the year and we are working on ways to deliver classes remotely, and we're creating class packs that include props, plans and ballet stories to allow your children to keep dancing at home.
As a small business with casual staff it is paramount that we support them financially if we do go into lock down, otherwise there may not be any staff or classes to come back to when the isolation and/or pandemic comes to an end.


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