Jump Forward ~ Jump Back
 A creative program for teaching dance to preschoolers

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Big Steps Little Feet, kids dance, preschoolers, toddler dance classes, Jump Forward Jump Back A creative program for teaching dance to preschoolers


“I am creating my terms lessons now and have received fantastic ideas from you on planning each class around a dance concept and using a theme song. So many great ideas already for next term.”  

Chelsea Byrne - Dance Teacher



Jump Forward ~ Jump Back: A creative program for teaching dance to preschoolers


Price $35.00


Publish Date May 25 2015


eBook Description
Whether you want to add novelty to your preschool dance program or follow a series of class plans, Jump Forward Jump Back will excite and inspire you. Teaching preschoolers dance is one of the most rewarding experiences: an exquisite mix of energy, laughter, movement, play, music and skill development.

Who is the book for?
Jump Forward Jump Back is for any dance teacher who wants to create an amazing preschool dance program or create a point of difference for your dance studio business by

- Adding novelty into your classes.

- Inspiring the youngest members of your studio to develop a lifelong love of dance.

- Creating an original program with original content.

- Planning a series of class plans that best meet the developmental needs of young children. 

What's inside?
From covering the basics of how to engage with preschoolers to sharing safe and novel ways to try your hand (and toes) at teaching a new style of class for preschoolers, this expert reference shows you how to 

 - Appreciate the sandwich technique class plan step by step.

- Choose the best props and equipment.

- Plan and pace yourself throughout the class.

- Choose musical options for each exercise.

- Incorporate creative dance concepts.

- Prepare preschoolers for a performance without excessive repetition.

- Use cognitive and kinesthetic educational principles.

- Add unexpected magic to each lesson.

Today you can find a dance class in every suburb of every town and city. As you fine tune your best teaching practice for young children you'll become better equipped at standing out from the crowd and attracting more preschoolers to your classes and business. Jump Forward Jump Back inspires you to create, grow, try and expand, dare, jump and see where you land.

About the author
Kate Barber started ballet at 3 years of age in country NSW and continued with ballet and jazz throughout her teenage years. The 80's were a great time to be learning dance with Belinda Carlisle, Sheena Easton, Olivia Newton-John and 1927 featuring consistently on both A and B sides of Kate's mixed tapes, inspiring many a great tragic costume and choreography.

After graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor in Dance from the University of Western Sydney and freelancing as a modern choreographer and teacher in Sydney, Kate moved into the world of teaching children dance.

However it wasn't until 2003 after the birth of her two children that Kate embarked on an extensive period of research into early childhood development. "The more I learned the more I questioned my ‘old school’ teaching methods and began to reconsider what I had to offer the younger students of dance."

Having not found a book, program or product to follow that best met with the needs of children Kate discovered in her research, she decided to create her own and in 2004 created Big Steps Little Feet.  Big Steps Little Feet is a specialist creative ballet and dance school in Bondi and Balmain, Sydney, Australia; and is the leading the way dance is taught to young children.

With 20 years experience as a passionate dance educator Kate is helping other teachers navigate the world of early childhood dance and inspiring them to  develop their own unique programs and wholehearted approach to teaching.

Jump Forward ~ Jump Back is Kate's first book it is a 100 page eBook and is inspired by the content and structure of the creative dance program she created as a licencee of the popular children's brand Hi 5.

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