Don't Realise the Opportunity to Form Life-Long Bonds

When a parent searches for a child’s dance class, they often look at where their friends are and decide if it will fit in with work and other activities. Question arise, what will they learn, will it be fun, will it be too hard, is it suitable for boys, or high spirited girls? Will it be a huge commitment of time and resources for something their child may only do for a little while?

What many loving parents fail to realise is that enrolling their child into a dance class is more than a skill to benefit the child. It is a fabulous opportunity to connect in meaningful ways.

The first step is finding a class that you can value, in terms of original content, skill development and teaching philosophy. Bonding with your child directly in a toddler class or indirectly (non parent participation classes) is a wonderful gift to your child. It’s fun to extend the engagement beyond the class by reenacting class content at home or to find a new outfit for class.

Acknowledging just how special such shared experiences are and showing up regularly to hold space for this magical togetherness is wonderful. As parents, we can nurture childhood in many ways by disconnecting from technology, making friends with other parents and taking time to foster these friendships after class.

Lastly taking time to actually hear, see and validate your child in this activity has the most profound long term benefits.

At Big Steps Little Feet, we are in the heart and worthiness business - we provide classes that parents can truly value. We have a different class each week, home made props, two teachers per lesson and our signature 7 step methodology.

We turn children into confident, joyful and expressive dancers who learn, hear and feel that they are worthy of love and belonging.


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