COVID-19 Terms & Conditions

We will be following strict COVID safe procedures as provided by NSW Health. Some of these may have an impact on your child and I suggest you read through the main points below to best prepare your child and/or consider what will be the best class for them.

Here are the hygiene and social distancing protocols we have adopted. There are a lot!!! Any questions about any of the below please reach out via email or call 02 93880118.

In Person Classes

  • Classes will begin in person on Monday 20th July. Unless we are told otherwise by the venues we hire.
  • Baby Ballet will be capped at 10 students & 10 parents, complying with the 1.5m social distancing protocol.
  • Rainbow Ballet, Classical Ballet and Lyrical Jazz will be capped at 16 students, and we will be adopting the 'Arrive/Dance/Leave' policy.
  • The ‘Arrive/Dance/Leave’ approach means children are to arrive prepared, changed into ballet clothes if possible, and minimal use of shared facilities. Parents are to drop off child into the hall (or at the door) and leave when instructed to do so by your teacher. And again when collecting your child.
  • Parents (not in Baby Ballet) will be required to 'drop and go', no adults are allowed to stay and watch or enter the hall at any time whilst a class or cleaning is in progress. (However, if your child hurts themselves, gets really upset or needs your assistance with going to the bathroom, I will call you on the number provided and you will have to come and collect them from class.)
  • This means that if your child has separation issues, wants you to be with them, needs you to stay for first 5-10 minutes, watch last 5 minutes etc... you will sadly be unable to do so. My suggestion is to enrol them into a Baby Ballet class, which allows you to stay and watch and support all of their needs throughout the session.
  • If your child is unwell, particularly if coughing or sneezing, please DO NOT attend any classes. All make up classes will be online via zoom at set dates throughout the term. Credit or refunds for missed classes for any reason will not be available.
  • Booking online via the Big Steps Little Feet website is ESSENTIAL to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Drop in casual classes or drop in visitors are not permitted.
  • If there is a class finishing up before your class, please wait until everyone has left the room before entering the hall space.
  • Please use hand sanitiser (provided) when first entering the space and leave your name and contact details in a book provided.
  • Please maintain the 1.5m social distancing at all times. This includes when entering / exiting the studio and when placing/collecting your child's belongings down or using the bathroom.
  • Please bring an INEXPENSIVE water bottle for your child and everything they will need for class (borrowing of ballet shoes for the time being is not allowed).
  • All water bottles, toys and hair items (ie hair elastics, head bands) left behind will be discarded into the bin at the end of each class during the cleaning process.
  • If your child wants to bring items for 'show & tell' please make sure they are not precious toys. My suggestion is to bring something from nature, or a hand drawn picture. An item that can be discarded if forgotten at the end of class.
  • Please be diligent with labelling all items of clothing especially wraps and cardigans that children often remove once warm.
  • We will keep the room lightly heated so its snug and warm through winter.
  • No socialising before or after class (or whilst classes are in progress) immediately outside the premises. We suggest you do all of this in parks or cafe’s adjacent to the halls.
  • No spectators are allowed. Non essential adults, including parents are excluded from watching the lessons.
  • There will be no parent viewing at the end of each term and all new students on a trial will have to take the class without a parent watching them (unless it's a Baby Ballet class of course.)

Zooming Lives On

  • All missed classes - from here on in - due to illness, holidays or for any other reason will be made up via Zoom. These make up classes will be scheduled throughout the term on a set date and time. If you are unable to make the zoom class, it will be recorded and kept available for two weeks allowing your child to watch and participate in their own time.
  • Credit or refunds for missed classes will not be available for any reason. All make up classes will occur over zoom.
  • Parents will be unable to chat with the teacher in between classes, please send an email, organise a phone or zoom meeting if you want to discuss any aspect of your child’s participation in class.

Thank you for your understanding in observing these guidelines to help everything run as smoothly and safely as possible, a complete COVID Safe plan is available on our website here, reading this document, along with the Term & Conditions will be a requirement of enrolment.

Also to note..

There are no credit or refunds for any classes not attended in Term 1 due to Caronavirus restrictions, illness or holidays or for any other reason. 

All Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers already sent through but not used will be available as credit on your account. Please submit your vouchers for Term 3 via the links on this page. Any child aged 4.5 and older starting school next year can receive the $100 vouchers. Details on this page.