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Sophie is now confident to express and create

At Big Steps Little Feet we’ve structured our classes to help children become confident for life. That could mean being physically strong and co ordianted to navigate the demands of climbing a tree at the park, dancing and performing in front of hundreds of people on stage or simply being creative and expressive in everyday life.

Whatever the reason that brings a child to our ballet classes, we think there’s nothing more inspirational and motivational than reading about other families’ successes. Today we shine the spotlight on Nicholas Gray and what he has to say about his daughter Sophie.

preschool ballet toddler dance class Sydney

“Since becoming a part of Big Steps Little Feet, we’ve noticed that Sophie is now confident to express herself and create both stories and dances.”

Sophie is a young girl who loves dancing and storytelling. 

Her parents wanted for her to be involved in a creative play-based and open-ended activity that was not solely about rigid dance disciplines and movement.

“I had seen some highly rigid dance teaching, and did not want my child to have that experience,” says her dad, Nicholas. “We saw Big Steps Little Feet as being creative, playful and engaging, and an activity that would give Sophie the opportunity to express herself.”

Sophie joined Big Steps Little Feet in 2013 when she had just turned 3 years old.

Prior to this, Sophie had done some swimming lessons, however nothing music or movement related.

“Sophie loves to tell stories and incorporate movement, and this is now something we do together at home,” says Nicholas. “She loves being a fairy, a tree, a mermaid, a ballerina, or a butterfly, and frequently will begin a story using her imagination. We love watching these stories unfold.”

Sophie says what she loves most about ballet is “Miss Kate and her dancing stories”.

Nicholas says that since being part of Big Steps Little Feet, he’s seen that Sophie is confident to express herself and create both stories and dances. The family also plans to enrol Sophie’s younger brother, as he loves dancing with his big sister.

“We’ve also loved the end of year concerts, the photo shoots and the wonderful costumes,” he says. “We are very proud to watch our daughter perform and develop, and very happy to have a record of these special moments. ”

Here are some pictures of Sophie dancing on stage in Bondi Junction as a 'gumnut' when she was 2.


Do you have a child that has grown in confidence and expression through dance?

I'd love to hear your experience,

Kate x 

Photography by Camille Nuttal 


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