The lunch box that transformed our mornings

So this is what makes me happy these days - sad but true - I'm sharing the lunch box that changed everything



Three years ago I was once again searching for the 'perfect' lunchbox in preparation for the 'perfectly' organised 'perfect' start to the new school year.

To my delight I found online in America the company Planet Box my mornings have never been the same - mostly because I'm not head first in the corner cupbaord of the kitchen at 8.50am finding lids for tupperware containers that don't match!

I love many things about this lunch box but most importantly - the food is nude - no need for pre packaged food snacks or plastic wrap.

There is no contamination of taste and 'food touching each other' (a big issue for my two lovelies) and it makes me accountable for making a colourful and healthy lunch for the kids.

And...the stainless boxes are kept cool using a gel freezer bladder held snugly in a custom designed carry case.  (The best bladders I've found are made by Esky they don't puncture or leak) and at the end of the day the boxes and dippers go straight into the dishwasher.


The morning that I photographed the above picture I was a bit rushed, but the kids had humous (in the little dipper), crackers and vege sticks; chicken, strawberries and a square of that insanely delicious cocunut and goji chocolate made by Pana Chocolate. They also had a pear and in another larger stainless container (the big dipper) some left over beef & noodles from the night before which isn't shown but fits nicely into the insulated bag.

So if you are looking for the perfect lunch box that is environmentaly friendly I suggest you buy a Planet Box and as the website is a little confusing I suggest you get the 'Rover Complete' package $59.95

  • 1  lunchbox
  • 1  Magnet set of your choice (quite cute to customise but we don't use these any more)
  • 1  Big and Little Dipper set (essential for dips, soy sauce or leftovers)
  • 1 Carry Bag (your choice of coulour)

It's a little pricey once you add post $24.95 (it takes 6-10 days for delivery) however you will definitely save money in the long run.

Here is a cheesy video of the types of lunches that can be created. 


Perhaps you have found other items that make for a healthy and gladwrap free school lunch. Australian made perhaps? If so please



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