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The seven most common mistakes loving Mum's make when enrolling into preschool ballet

  • Do you want to develop and foster your child’s unique skill or delight in dance?
  • Do you want your child to learn ballet in fun and engaging ways?
  • Do you simply want to know if your child is cut out for ballet?
  • Do you find the market really confusing, the number of studios overwhelming and how do you know what will be best for your child?

    In truth, all children can dance. Dance being a wonderfully creative solo and group activity, is also great for brain development and self expression. But, not many parents know which dance school is the best for their child, simply because they do not know what criteria to judge by.

    As a parent and dance professional, I understand the dilemma of parents and have revealed seven of the most common mistakes loving adults make when enrolling their child into pre school ballet. They can mean the difference between a child that grows in confidence and one that is never quite heard or noticed, the child that this isn’t afraid to try new skills and the child that misses out, afraid of making a mistake or the child that develops their imagination to share with others and the child that is unable to communicate authentically.

    Bear these mistakes in mind when choosing a toddler or preschool ballet class and you will be well on the way to having a happy and confident dancing child.

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