Rainbow of Love

Today is the last day of summer.

Reflecting back on the holidays my heart melts like warm sunshine at the recent memories of such a great time with my children.

                                            Big Steps Little Feet holiday

Dear Flynn & Paloma,

I can't believe I blogged with trepidation at the start of the holidays about how on earth I was going to cope.  

It's not that I wanted you to be 'well behaved' and 'good' children - as if you can wear those traits like a costume of an angelic child.

Or perhaps I did.... but what I received was so much more authentic.

What I really enjoyed about our time together was hanging out and getting to know you as 9 and 10 year olds.  You were both, so much fun to be around, you were relaxed, kind, funny, thoughtful, patient, trusting, organised, spontaneous, insightful and loving. Your true selves were far greater than any mask you could wear to please your mum with 'idyllic' behaviour.

Did I mention patient... as you both unfazed helped me pack the esky, put the blow up boats, pool toys, beach bag and beach umbrella into the car; drive 45 minutes to the beach for the day - stopping along the way for mum to browse a cute little interiors store.  We then traipsed cross-country through the bush to get to the white sandy beach with all of 'the stuff'.  Passers-by commenting on how helpful you were.  You played all day together, got sunburnt, wind burnt, ate sand dusted sandwiches and drank warm lemonade only to then without complaining pack it all back up again to traipse back home to our dodgy little seaside cabin.

Thank you so much for a beautiful summer together.

As we settle into the school and work routine and I observe and listen to the challenges you are facing at school and the friendship dramas you are currently negotiating I found a beautiful Rainbow Ritual (written by the amazing Petrea King) that I will share with you tonight and every night you need a little bit more support and love from me.

W I T H   L O V E



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