Over Schedule Children with Lots of Activities

Life is getting busier, parents are juggling multiple responsibilities while navigating a world full of distractions. Yet there’s an amazing amount of opportunities to embrace, especially programs for children. It’s not uncommon for parents to take their child to swimming, ballet and gymnastics all on their one day off work each week.

Over-scheduling is stressful and becomes a push to rush childhood. We’re rushing to get everywhere, multi tasking, desire for accelerated learning and get addicted to smart devices in the process.

As children grow we add music and sport and it begins to feel like a mere bucket list of activities. Rushing from one activity to the next without taking time to authentically connect in the process is counter intuitive to the happy inspired childhood parents are trying to create. To have happy and content children we must choose an activity of value that fosters this, in the limited time that we have available.

The beauty of Big Steps Little Feet is the friendships that our classes create. Together with the community of engaged parents, we let kids be kids. The children know that we are there for them 100%. We take time to foster imagination and to create inspired dancers; it’s a wonderful form of recuperation from the academic preparation and high consumption of technology that children are currently engaging in.

 The time devoted to each class, packs a huge amount of value and provides an opportunity for children to be transported into a world of dance stories and for a moment, forget about their busy outside lives.

What happens in class doesn’t stay in class, it goes home to be reinvented for the entire family to enjoy.


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