Opt Out of the End-of-Year Concert

The phrase ‘ballet concert’ is enough to send shivers of trepidation into many parents. The timing of the end of year concert often clashes with holidays and special events and push already stressed finances. For these reasons many are unable to participate. But often a parent chooses to opt out based on their own needs, be it perceived lack of value, price or low involvement levels.

The concert is essentially for the children. It instils confidence, sparks joy and nurtures crucial presentation skills, right from the early years. It is also a wonderful time for the teachers to present their creativity. It fires their spirit, which only gives wonderful things back to the children in their classes.

The concert is a chance to put aside personal needs and focus on the children, this can be hard. Parents are big decision makers and when it comes to concert time, it’s about surrendering that decision making to another. Engaging with the process of the end of year show and the children’s enthusiasm, without pressuring them in anyway is the best thing we can do.

At Big Steps Little Feet, the hour long concert is a collaborative storytelling process involving teachers, costume designers, set designers and children and it evolves over time. It’s an opportunity to stage the best of all our abilities in the highest theatrical manner and to hold space for the children to be totally and uniquely themselves. We architect a rare, un-rushed childhood experience, by giving children sufficient time on stage to be immersed into the world of performance.

The love and attention the children receive is an overwhelming form of validation. Years from now they may not remember what they did on stage, but they will certainly remember how they felt.


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