Not Scheduling a Trial Class Before Signing Up

Mistake #2

Not booking in for a trial before committing for the term

Many loving mums find it tough to select the best dance school for their child. There are lots of businesses to choose from, each with similar rhetoric yet claiming their uniqueness. It’s confusing and can be misleading; what the businesses promise to deliver is often not congruent with what the parent and child receive once enrolled.
It's best practive to simply arrange and pay for at least two trial lessons and watch at least one of the classes.
Class size doesn’t matter, as long as there are two teachers for the bigger classes. Full classes often mean that the business is doing something amazing.
Here are a few things to look out for:

  • How the teacher delivers the lesson
  • Communication skills and choice of words
  • High quality teaching aids and props
  • How engaged the children are
  • How happy and expressive the children are

In a toddler class, simply join in yourself and model for your child what is expected in the class. 
Some children despite their eagerness at home to start ballet classes are visual learners. It’s not uncommon for children to watch a dance class in progress before feeling comfortable enough to join in. Sometimes they may want to 'just watch' 2 or 3 classes. This passive trial process is totally fine for your child, you can both sit back and sample the music as well as the cleverly structured class plan.

You are also trialling the teacher, who should be adding novelty to the lesson with great props, stories and original creative content.
Avoid taking photos, videos or playing with your phone - it will only distract you from the real purpose of your visit. Getting involved (even from the sidelines) is an incredibly valuable tool to help you decide if this is the best class for your child.

Many parents do not realise that they have a set of needs around a child’s dance class until they see them being met. We welcome you to try our classes and take note of our teaching methods, music choices, types of props, class content and the fun factor. It is important to know if our values match yours.

Our trial classes are obligation free. Let us help your child blossom into a confident, happy and expressive young dancer.

Kate x


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