Homemade Lemonade

The best recipe to celebrate summer and a great pocket money earner for the kids lemonade stall

                                          Kates home made lemonde

Last month the fog rolled in off the harbour over McKell Park creating a great atmosphere, albeit damp for a Big Steps Little Feet party. I wanted to give thanks to the many loyal families who enjoy what we offer the youngest of souls in Bondi and Balmain.  It was very well received.

Our drink of choice was my homemade lemonade with nearly 20 litres being consumed.

How to make

This recipe is very easy and perfect for summer celebrations but most importanly the best recipe for the kids lemonade stall at the bottom of the street on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Last summer, just before Christmas my very clever children (then aged 8 and 9) made this recipe all by themselves and set up their own stall on Edgecliff Rd returning an hour later having made a whopping $75 for their efforts!

Ingredients: 100g sugar, 1 tray of ice cubes, 2 large lemons, 1ltre of water (I prefer still to sparkling water) 


1. Place sugar in a blender and grind to a consistency similar to icing sugar.  I use a Thermomix which only takes 5 seconds to do this.

2. Add the ice cubes and pulverise until the mixture looks like snow.

3. Chop the top and bottom off the unpeeled lemons and cut into quarters.  Add the lemons to the mixture with 500g water and 'smash' a couple of times by setting the blender to top speed for 1 second.  I hit the pulse button on my blender about 4 times. Be careful to only smash the lemons - not blend them.

4. Add the remaining 500g water and strain tthe lemonade through a sieve as you pour into a serving jug.

Makes approximately 1 litre of lemonade.



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