Our latest newsletter - March 2016

The not so quick art of creating a newsletter

Yesterday I was really short on time but was feeling gulity for not communicating effectively with the families who come to our classes and I really wanted to formally welcome those who have just commenced our creative ballet classes in Bondi and Balmain.

I have been teaching preschoolers and toddlers here at Big Steps Little Feet for 11 years now and I am amazed how much I still love working with this age group and I'm in awe of the potential I see in the youngest of dancers, I have no doubt it's a result of some fabulous parenting! I love working with parents who value the connection with their children above all else, not just in our dance classes, but in and around, before and after, at home or with the other families they quickly become friends with. I really wanted to articulately share this joy in my much overdue newsletter.

So instead of taking hours to write an email newsletter, I thought I'd throw some lipstick on and click record on my trusty laptop, in between returning home from yoga and heading out to a kids party....

More than 24 hours later I'm still here .... I didn't take in many facts:

- all of the bloopers
- the hours of critiquing myself and the way I look and speak (gosh I am harsh on myself at times)
- the bright idea I had to create different videos for each program we teach
- the time it took to watch 'how to use iMovie' on youtube
- the editing process
- the many mistakes I made (some are still very evident in the video)
- the hours it takes to upload each video
- the upload errors
- and the email I have to create to send and summarise the newsletter video

However, it seems to have resonated, many families are replying back with a big thank you and big love for my 'quick' little video project. PHEW

Let me know what you think?
Is putting my face out there and connecting via video instead of behind a computer screen in an email application a worthy one?

x Kate


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